Sunday, 19 July 2020

Some of the balms available at Drift Away.....Indi-ssentials product range

At Drift Away Therapies we stock the product range Indi-ssentials.

We've a range of products to help you relax, some of our more popular products are the candles and our range of balms.  We've recently added to our balms with a Step Lightly balm and a calm balm.

Our Step Lightly balm contains essential and Ayurvedic oils known for their de-stressing and and anxiety reducing qualities and contains Brahmi which is known to reduce cortisol.

Our calm balm is a lovely blend of Lavender and Roman Chamomile, a wonderfully soothing and relaxing blend that helps you drift off and find some inner calm and tranquillity, ideal to use before bed.

Our range of candles also helps to set the mood, relaxing or invigorating and creating clarity depending on what you are looking for.

Our lavender and star anise candle is particularly popular in India and helps to relax and de-stress which adding that spicy tone through the use of star anise.  We have our Kashmiri Lavender candle and another popular candle is our touch of zing candle, which helps to create an invigorating feeling within the space through the use of lemongrass, lavender and lime.

You can check out the samples at your next massage session, ask for a product brochure or drop me an email to place an order or for further information.

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