Sunday 19 July 2020

Drift Away Reopening on 24th July - What to expect!

Hi All.  Firstly it will be wonderful to be back with you all soon enough.  I know many of you have booked in and i know and respect that some of you are undecided.  I also know that many of you don't know what to expect.  Times are different right now and our former way of working needs to be adapted to allow for different protocols to be put in place.

Fortunately i got to put a lot of these practices in place in India whilst massaging there and got to work out what was or wasn't the most efficient way.


It is me under all the PPE!
I've attached a picture of what you can expect to see me looking like.....As you can see.....It's very dark clothing, very different from the bright  clothes i wear in India!

I am under all that PPE stuff!  Me wearing this may look a bit surprising at first and a bit worrisome but the reasons for wearing this, is as a means of safety and reassurance that will hopefully help you switch off knowing that high standards are being maintained throughout.  The usage of the PPE will be monitored in accordance with Govt guidelines

The visor - this is a Government advisory.  I may interchange this between my goggles and my n95 mask (which is what i wore in India).  Both are effective and so i will work out which one works best.

My mask/face covering - now i love these masks and as an allergy and sinus sufferer they are helping me immensely! So don't worry about the mask....and actually now I've found them to be so beneficial i may wear them more in the future anyway.  I have a whole range of masks and even made my own ones in India.😊  

Apron and waterproof trousers.  The apron and waterproof trousers are both robust vinyl which means they are easy to wipe down, kill any virus off the clothing and leave my clothes squeaky clean. That ,means it's not being transferred from one home to the next. Don't worry about me being hot!  I maybe a little hot but it is nothing compared to the 40 degree temperatures i was massaging in with only ceiling fans.  I will survive, I'm used to it!

As you can see in the picture, the table looks a little different.  The table will be covered in a vinyl sheet that will be wiped down after every session. This goes on top of the table but underneath the couch cover and sheets etc.  The pillows are covered in the vinyl wipe-able material and i have some new face cradle pillows that are already encased in wipe-able material.  Don't worry one of my dozens of pillows will go over this to make it more comfy.  No one wants to stick to plastic!  As has always been the case, the bedding is changed for every household and that will obviously be the case. The peacock sheets will be back out in force!

You are welcome to use your own bedding if preferred.  If that's the case, please use old bedding that you are happy to get oil on as the oil can stain.

Cleaning process
At the end of the session, it will be necessary for me to do my 'big clean'!  That means i will need to wipe down my table and all equipment used during the session.  I will have already brought my cleaning bits with me and it will add on an extra 5 minutes to my packing away session.  I tell you this so you are not alarmed when you see me whip out my cloth.....sadly i will only be cleaning my things and can not do a full clean for you at the same time!😉

When i turn up, I will be wearing my mask and goggles (I do like them!) and will put the visor on only at the start of the treatment.

I will not be taking your temperature.  It goes without saying that you know to take care of your own health and as grown adults you don't need me to be temperature checking you.  You know if you are well enough for a treatment and just as you trust me to carry out the treatment in good conscience I know i can trust the same of you.

Any questions, please ask and i hope this gives people a greater insight into what to expect.  If you are worried about all the PPE kit, if i have learnt one thing massaging in India, once you close your eyes and allow yourself to switch off and allow the tension to be released from the muscles, the music setting the scene, catching up on all goings on (yes, i can still talk with the mask on and happy to do so!) then all that does fade into insignificance!

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