Wednesday 27 June 2012

Last remaining availability for this week:-)

Having been away for a few days visiting family in Yorkshire, although still putting my massage skills to use! i am enjoying being back massage and working away on those knots!

This week appointments have been available Wednesday through to and including Sunday, however most days have filled up quickly.

There are still some remaining appointments though, these being;

Wednesday: 2.30pm
Fri: 1pm or 3pm
Sun:  11am

Next week's appointments will be posted shortly so that you can get take advantage of what still remains:-)

Enjoy the rest of the week everyone and just a little reminder that next weekend is the Winchester Hat fair, so a great opportunity to watch street acts and wander the streets, great for the muscles and entertaining too!

Monday 18 June 2012

Freeing the shoulder

On Saturday 30th June i will be attending a course in Newport, called Freeing the shoulder with Darrien Pritchard.  I have attended a course with Darrien before, which was a course aimed at using different parts of the body instead of the hands, in order to get a better pressure and apply less tension to the joints of the hands.  The previous course was very informative and developed my skills further as a massage therapist.

The course on the Saturday will focus upon learning new and different techniques to work on providing more freedom within the shoulders, enabling greater rotation and less tension.  It will involve not only deep tissue and pressure techniques, but stretching and passive movements to ease up the area and increase flexibility.

In today's society with so many people living sedentary lifestyles or spending so much time on computers and driving the shoulders can become stiff and rounded, hunched due to spending time on the computer or up round our ears when we are stressed!  We forget to exercise these muscles and put them to good use, hence they become tight and less mobile.  Exercise such as swimming, yoga and pilates or general exercise can help to keep these loose.

Darrien Pritchard - Dynamic massage

Current availability wk beginning 18/06/12

I hope everyone had a good weekend and enjoyed finally seeing some sunshine, i knew it was there somewhere!

This week is very busy and almost completely booked up.  There is only one current space available this week, this being Thursday 21st at 2pm.

I will of course update if there is any cancellations.

There are no appointments this weekend as i will be away in Yorkshire visiting my family and no doubt putting my massage skills to use up there

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Current availability wk beginning 11th June

Due to the fact that all appointments for this week have gone, i am putting up the availability for next
week, the week commencing Mon 11th June.  Hopefully there is something there for everyone!

Mon 11th June: 9.30am.
Wed 13th: Appointments available between 9.30am and 5pm.
Thurs 14th: Appointments available between 9.30am and 3pm.
Friday 15th: Appointments available between 9.30am and 1pm.
For ideas of treatments and prices, check out the website:-)

Tuesday 5 June 2012

Great bank holiday weekend:-)

I hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend and did lots of great things.  We had a street party along my road, which saw all the neighbours come together for food, wine and a bit of dancing!

Due to it being the bank holiday, lots of you have booked in for your treatments and the bank holiday has been busy with massage appointments.  The rest of this week is also looking very busy and as such there are only a very limited amount of appointments available this week.

Wednesday: Starting between 10.15am and 1.30pm
Thursday: 5pm for a 40minute appointment.

That's it guys!  I will post appointments for next week shortly so that those who have missed out may be able to arrange something for next week instead.