Monday 18 June 2012

Freeing the shoulder

On Saturday 30th June i will be attending a course in Newport, called Freeing the shoulder with Darrien Pritchard.  I have attended a course with Darrien before, which was a course aimed at using different parts of the body instead of the hands, in order to get a better pressure and apply less tension to the joints of the hands.  The previous course was very informative and developed my skills further as a massage therapist.

The course on the Saturday will focus upon learning new and different techniques to work on providing more freedom within the shoulders, enabling greater rotation and less tension.  It will involve not only deep tissue and pressure techniques, but stretching and passive movements to ease up the area and increase flexibility.

In today's society with so many people living sedentary lifestyles or spending so much time on computers and driving the shoulders can become stiff and rounded, hunched due to spending time on the computer or up round our ears when we are stressed!  We forget to exercise these muscles and put them to good use, hence they become tight and less mobile.  Exercise such as swimming, yoga and pilates or general exercise can help to keep these loose.

Darrien Pritchard - Dynamic massage

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