Monday 3 April 2017

A warm hello from India

Whilst Drift Away may not be opening anytime soon, i know many of you wanted to keep up with life out here in India and wanted me to blog, so i have begun!  It is in its tentative state, so please bear with me and as life calms down a little out here, hopefully i will have more time to add to it and make it an interesting read.  There is so much to write about, from monkeys breaking in to my home and stealing my bananas to sitting on my terrace watching the parrots fly over head, to trying my hand at Indian cooking, i'm still trying to master my chapatti's!  To all the fun with the children and how much they are enjoying this new style of teaching and how they are progressing to the frustrations of everything being difficult and sometimes juggling things between the UK and India.  You can find my blog here.

I have also begun to set up my massage business out here, you can either follow the facebook page as i will always share interesting articles about the body or you can check out my website here and see what i am up to these days!


Take care for now and i hope to get round to emailing you all again soon!