Wednesday 28 August 2013

Availability week beginning 02/09/13

With this week now almost full to the brim, it's a chance to think of the various slots available for next week. Much more variety to choose from.

Mon 2nd: 9am.
Tues 3rd: 9am,  1pm.
Wed 4th: 10am

Fri 5th: 3pm - central Winchester only

Drop me an email or leave a voice message at the usual places!

Friday 23 August 2013

Availability week beginning 26/08/13

Happy bank holiday all!

It's another busy week next week at Drift Away, so very little left to offer.

Wed 28th: 6pm.
Thurs 29th: 11am.

Contact Dannie:

Monday 19 August 2013

Availability week beginning 19/08/13

I've not had much to update you all with, hence the lack of appointments! I've had a few slots come free again, so here is what still currently remains for this week.

Thurs: 11.15am
Fri: 1pm.

That's it folks! Will keep you posted if anything else changes!

Sunday 11 August 2013

Relaxation gift bags for sale

It's taken a while, but the relaxation gift bags are now finally on the website and available for sale!

These can be purchased either via the website using paypal or drop me an email and i can deliver these to your next appointment. If your not seeing me for a while, then there is also the option of postage via the website buy it now option.

I have already sold a few previously and they have gone down a treat!

Saturday 10 August 2013

Availability week beginning 12/08/13

Have a great weekend all!

Here is the remaining appointments for next week:-)

Mon 12th: 9am or 3.30pm.
Thurs 15th: 9am.
Sat 17th: 9am

Friday 2 August 2013

Availability week beginning 05/08/13

with this week almost full, its a good idea to check out what is still available for next week.

Tues 6th: 9am..
Wed 7th: 1pm.
Fri 9th: 12pm.
Sat 10th: 1pm, 3pm.

Contact Dannie:) or 07534219199

No show policy.

Disappointingly, after two people not showing up for their evening appointments this week, there are going to have be some changes at Drift Away.

I will be taking each person's mobile number or email address so that i can contact them the day before to remind them of their appointment. Anyone not there for their appointment who has not informed me before hand will be charged the full rate of that appointment.

This is especially important for evenings where i know so many of you are trying to get evening appointments and it's a shame that you have to miss out.

This may seem harsh, but it is not much fun standing outside not knowing where someone is! Plus with Drift Away being so busy these days, I would hate for one of you to miss out because someone has forgotten to cancel.

This is a message for the minority and not the majority!

Drift Away.