Sunday 31 May 2020

Online, packed full, guided meditation class

Come join our guided meditation class.

An hour to switch off, relax, let go, develop your meditation skills and go on a wonderful journey of discovery.

Class time: 8am Saturday 6th June.
                       4.30pm Sunday 7th June.

Why not join our morning class at 8am Saturday 6th June.  Ready to embrace the day, starting with a breath meditation to awaken body and mind, Zen meditation to support you on developing your skills and enjoy the energy of meditating together.  Followed by a guided meditation to rejuvenate, uplift yet restore tranquility within and finishing with a little something to get your day off to a good start!

Our 4.30pm Sunday 7th June slot with our Indian clients is perfect for the end of the week, helping to prepare you mentally for the week ahead and set you up for an evening of rest and relaxation.  Starting with a loving kindness meditation showing gratitude for the past week.  Zen meditation session to support you on developing your skills and enjoy the energy of meditating together.  Followed by a relaxing, soothing and enlightening guided meditation to prepare you for the week ahead.

Priced at £5 per session.  Payment to be made via paypal (here) in advance or msg for bank details.

Or msg Dannie: with any queries.  Sessions will be held once a month.  Times are adjustable for future classes.  One to one sessions also available.

No experience is necessary!  You can be a beginner or someone who simply enjoys meditation.  There is no expectation on you, nothing you have to perform, it is simply about being in the moment, enjoying the experience and allowing yourself  to go with the process.

You will need to download zoom in order to access the meeting. It's best listening through headphones to really immerse yourself.

With the world going online....

With the world seemingly going online, I think it's about time I reinstated the Drift Away blog!

As all my clients know, I love Drift Away. It's been a part of my life for twelve years and it;s been wonderful to incorporate it into my future after having left the UK.  It's great that it's come forward with me and whilst I'm unable to return and resume massages at present, once again I find the business moving forward, adapting, changing and modifying once more.  In Zen Buddhism we are always learning about flowing through life, not resisting, not expanding energy on what we can't change but simply following the natural flow, following that natural cycle.

One good thing that's come out of this lockdown is the time to refocus, spend time on long standing projects that i hadn't had the time to previously and to stop being a tech phobe! To start embracing these new ways and using them to be able to connect more with my clients from all over the world.

Many of you know that i have meditated for years....It's one of the reasons for moving to India, when it popped up in one of my Zen meditation sessions.  I've been a guided meditation instructor for 8 years but having only ever used it lightly as massage took center stage.  That was until recently as here in India we were about to start our guided meditation group until things flowed differently due to the virus.  Having completed my meditation instructor training, sat with my thoughts, it's time to begin offering the guided meditation and meditation sessions to others via an online process.

I look forward to working with my clients once again through the new opportunities coming and will be posting about them shortly.  

Friday 29 May 2020

Check out our online guided meditation on Youtube

Hi All. It's been sometime and seeing as none of us quite know what this year will bring, I thought I'd post a little on here again. 
At present i would have just finished my UK trip and be heading back to India.

Hope everyone is staying well during this time and simply following the flow of that is all we can really do.....

I do guided meditations and created a guided meditation specifically for this current time. Great for anyone experiencing anxiety, overwhelmed or worried not only for the future but tired of wearing a brave face. 
Perhaps give it a listen before bed, first thing in the morning or anytime you want to relax. Hope it helps some people.