Saturday, 20 June 2020

July massage updates

Happy Summer Solstice! Happy Fathers Day.

Today is a very wonderful day with so much going on and here in India there will be the solar eclipse!

Thanks to those who did come to the meditation group or who expressed interest. It's a small group but hopefully we can grow in time.

I haven't posted another date as i am planning to be back in the UK in July for various reasons. I will naturally be back massaging, once quarantining is done and massage is allowed to resume.

Having continued to massage during these virus times, I have seen how in need people have been and how massage has really helped reduce the stress and helped alleviate the added tension, so i look forward to being able to help people in any way that i can. This virus has really taken a toll on us all physically and mentally and for those who want a massage, I'm honoured to provide it.

Have a wonderful Sunday and i will update everyone in due course.

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