Thursday, 9 August 2012

Why bother with massage?

Out there, there are still people who have never had a massage or have had one as part of a treat, but have often wondered why they should bother having a massage and especially regular massage.  The difference in a person's body between those who don't have massage and those who have them regularly is evident in the way the muscles feel.  I sometimes have people say to me 'Is that not bone your massaging?' I explain that it is tight shoulder muscles, they are just used to them being so tight and hard all the time they always thought it was bone!

Benefits of regular massage

  • Muscles stay free from tension longer and are looser
  • Clients comment on experiencing less pain and able to move more freely
  • Clients tell me that they are able to perform better in sports and experience less injuries
  • Clients comment in a reduction or complete stop of their headaches
  • Clients find that it greatly helps with their sciatica and muscle aches and pains
  • Clients comment on how it helps to reduce their stress level and they look forward to having their treatment each month
  • Massage can also help to boost the immune system
  • Clients say how great they sleep after a massage
  • Clients comment on how they have a greater range of motion, feeling more flexible.
  • Clients find it helps with their mood, alleviating some of their anxiety and lifting their mood.
  • Clients note how it helps reduce muscles cramps and they experience less spasms
  • Massage helps to stretch out weak and tired muscles
  • Massage is beneficial for over use injuries such as RSI
  • Clients find that their chronic pain and muscle issues are reduced and they are able to lead a more active life
  • Clients comment on how they tried massage because they wanted to stop relying on pain killers and how it has enabled to cut down or completely stop taking them
  • Massage can help boost circulation
At the end of a massage, people comment on how they wish they had done it sooner!  Perhaps now you can see how great massage really is for the body and the changes it has already made to the lives of my clients just by experiencing massage:-)

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