Monday 4 February 2019

Supporting causes in India

In case any one is interested in supporting some of the work we are doing out here in India, we have two campaigns running.  One is to purchase biodegradable sanitary napkins for the women in the slums. The second is that you can buy incense sticks made by women in the slums, from used temple flowers.  These are only £1 a pack, with 24 sticks in a pack.  They are a sandalwood and temple flower scent.  

60p goes to the NGO that makes these and the other 40p goes to the campaign to buy sanitary napkins.  

You can either buy the incense sticks by dropping me a message at or supporting our crowd funding project below in order to give purely to that cause.  Any donation or purchase is gratefully received and goes a long way.  Thanks for reading.

Please consider supporting our cause. £1 alone will allow us to buy 20p sanitary napkins. No donation is too small!😊
We want to purchase 2019 sanitary napkins in 2019 for women in the slums who currently use rags and distribute them over the year.

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