Sunday 31 March 2013

What makes a facial from Drift Away different?

Some of you have expressed that until chatting to me, you hadn't considered having a facial, as you felt they were too 'pampery' and you were always in need of a massage and you felt they were an indulgence rather than something you needed.  What i want to do is inform you better so you can see why having a facial in general is great for you and your skin and tension as well as why it is worth having a facial from Drift Away.

Why have a facial?

Facials aren't just about pampering you and making you feel special.  The clay masks used in the treatment provide nourishment to the skin which leaves your skin looking and feeling great.

Facials help with circulation which in turns helps with those wrinkles, not to mention helping to break down tension held in the face, jaw and temples.  So much tension is held in the jaw and head that can cause neck tension too, facials can help to alleviate this tension.

Facials also help with sinus drainage, great for any of you who are sinus sufferers, especially as some of the key sinus areas are where we also hold tension and once again, through the facial massage, attention is placed on these areas to reduce the stress held in the muscles and to relieve the sinuses.  Both through massaging the face and scalp, this can help alleviate that tension in the head and scalp which can be a big contributor of headaches.

So as you can see, although a facial can be a pampering treatment, a bit of tlc for the facial skin and to 'make you look good', there are also other physical remedial benefits with the reduction of tension in the head, scalp, neck and face.  So a facial is more than an indulgence.

What makes Drift Away's facials any different?

Having discussed this with some of you, one of the things that came up was the fact that when a mask is setting, your left alone for up to fifteen minutes when you felt that this time could be used better.  At Drift Away i have listened to this and so once i have applied all the beautiful Elemis range to your skin and applied the face mask which is tailor made to your skin, i will be using my massage skills to provide you with a lovely massage treatment whilst the mask is setting.

You can choose between a massage to the shoulders, neck and scalp to help relieve key tension in these areas and aid relaxation, or a soothing hand or foot massage to get rid of any aches and pains in these areas.  The combined shoulder/neck/scalp massage aims to break down the knots and ease the tension held in the scalp and neck, so you not only feel pampered but that your having a holistic and soothing massage that increase mobility and flexibility in the muscles.  A facial at Drift Away goes above and beyond pampering and tailors the treatment so that you are getting a whole approach from the products used to improve the skin, to getting rid of aches and pains in muscles and to reduce tension in the scalp.


The facial massage by Drift Away focuses upon improving circulation to the skin to help it look great and to help reduce wrinkles and give a radiant look, but also to work on tension held in the jaw which so many of us have! Also to work on sinus drainage to help with sinus problems and to relieve puffiness around the eyes.  It aims to work on reducing tension held in the face, around the temples and in the scalp which can help to reduce headaches, due to the knowledge gained from previous massage courses.

So all in all, a facial from Drift Away is a very unique experience;-)

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